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Step 1:  Learn

Boardsuited gives executives, like you, a deep understanding of board service, including:

  • The roles and responsibilities of Corporate, Nonprofit and Advisory board members
  • The significance of ownership structure
  • The unique expectations and skill sets that each type of board service requires
  • The fundamentals of board governance and how it differs from management
  • The legal and regulatory environments affecting board members

Step 2 : Prepare

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Step 3 : Position

Armed with the knowledge of who makes for a great board candidate, as well as your personal roadmap, you’ll be able to:

  • Leverage your career path, network, reputation, and expertise to find the right board for you
  • Raise your profile and advance your candidacy by making connections with directors, founders, funders, and elite search firms
  • Expand your personal and professional network
  • Get the attention of nominating committees

Why Choose BoardSuited?

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Who Should Get BoardSuited?

1:  C-Suite & Senior Executives

Boards value experience—from C-Suite executives and accomplished senior level professionals in law, accounting, technology, marketing, and human resources. If you have the following experience, BoardSuited is for you:

  • CEO, CIO, CISO, CRO, CPO, CDO, CHRO, CMO  — Current and Past
  • CFO, Audit Partner, CPA (SEC Financial Experts)
  • Heads of Operations, Legal, Risk, Audit, Marketing, Digital, HR, Technology
  • Professionals – Attorneys, Accountants, Scientists, Professors, Business Owners

2:  Subject Matter Experts

Boards value specialized knowledge, looking for Senior Executives with industry experience and various specialists from Cybersecurity and Big Data to Compliance. If you have the following experience, BoardSuited is for you:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Digitization & Big Data
  • Mobile & Global
  • Risk Management
  • M&A and Integration
  • Human Resources and Compensation
  • Capital Markets
  • Regulators & Government Specialists
  • Marketing

3:  Diversity Candidates

Board diversity is top of mind with boards today, but not only one form of diversity.  Both social diversity and professional diversity are important for increasing the diversity of thought represented on the board.  If you are an accomplished executive and can offer both social and professional diversity, BoardSuited is for you.  Social diversity includes diversity of:

  • Gender
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Age

Meet Our Contributors

Catherine A. Allen

Chairman & CEO, Santa Fe Group

2018 recipient of NACD Directorship 100, recognizing the most influential people in the boardroom community. Currently seated on El Paso Electric Co., Synovus Financial Corp, Risk Sense, Belief Agency, Pocket Patient MD and numerous non-profit Boards.

Maria Cirino 

Co-Founder & Managing Partner .406 Ventures

Currently serves on the boards of Edgewise Networks, Kaltura, MineralTree, Onapsis, Pwnie Express, Simon Data and Threat Stack. Ms. Cirino formerly served on the boards of Adtuitive, AuthAir, Digitalsmiths Corporation, Jisto, Memento, Vaultive and Chairman of the Board of Veracode and Guardent. Named “CEO of the Year" and “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

Jim Routh

Chief Information Security Officer – Mass Mutual

Previous CSO of Aetna and Chair of the NH-ISAC Board. Advisory board member of Armis Security, ClearSky, Cyberstarts and Vulcan Security.

What Do I Get With The BoardSuited Program?

Expert Insight

Personalized Road Map

Skill Assessment

Networking Plan

Board Ready CV

Social Media Review

Personal Value Statement

Access Anywhere at Anytime

“BoardSuited came along at the perfect time as I downshift from a fulfilling 25-year career. Obtaining a board seat is the ideal next step for me, and BoardSuited has given me the knowledge, tools, and strategy to design a path forward.”

What People are Saying About BoardSuited

~ Barbara Poole, CEO and Executive Coach

The Curriculum

Module 1:

Introduction and Overview

Meet Joyce Brocaglia, Founder and CEO of BoardSuited®, who sets the stage for what you can expect to learn and how best to leverage that learning to achieve your individual goals. You’ll also get familiar with the user-friendly and highly intuitive online platform.

Module 2:

Boardroom 101: Types of Boards

Hear from five of our CEO Contributors, including Susan Keating, CEO of Woman Corporate Directors, the largest organization of women board members globally, as they share their insights to help you begin to understand the nuances and differences of each type of board – from nonprofit and advisory boards to public and private boards. You’ll learn the significance of ownership structure and the unique expectations and skill set that each type of board service requires.

Module 3:

Boardroom 101: Boardroom Structure

Now that you have become familiar with various types of boards, you’ll dive into board structure, the elements of board governance, and the role of the board and its key responsibilities. You’ll learn the essential differences between corporate and nonprofit governance, as well as board versus management responsibilities. You’ll discover why board charters are important, as well as the different types of directors and the high-level skills needed to serve as a board member.

Module 4:

Boardroom 101: Legal Responsibilities

One of the keys to your future success as a board member is understanding the legal and regulatory responsibilities of the board.   In this module, you’ll dive into a director's duties of Care, Loyalty and Independence and what constitutes a conflict of interest, as well as the liabilities and protections of board members.

Module 5:

Board Responsibilities Part 1

Boards are meant to govern, not manage. In this module, you’ll learn about board members' core responsibilities. You’ll take a closer look at the board’s role in corporate strategy, CEO selection, succession planning, and talent management responsibilities, as well as the expectation of board members to keep up with the competitive landscape.

Module 6:

Board Responsibilities Part 2

This module is jam-packed with information on the fiduciary responsibilities of board members, an overview of financial statements and governance, as well as the various committees that are standard on all corporate boards.  You will gain insights directly from multiple Contributors who are currently chairing Audit, Compensation, and Nominating and Governance Committees, such as Fernando Acquire, Board of Directors member and the current Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee for Aetna and past Chair for Levi Strauss. You’ll learn that good board governance requires boards to proactively review, question, and even challenge the information that management presents--from the balance sheet and income statement to the operational performance and risk management of the organization.

Module 7:

Getting on a Board

In this module, you’ll really dig into developing your own customized road map to a board seat. This content-rich module will have you examining your career path, reputation, and expertise, and determining how it aligns with different board opportunities. You will utilize tools to assess your board readiness, your network, and your social media presence. You’ll create your personal value proposition as well as your board CV and bio. Contributors with expertise in cybersecurity, marketing, and finance will each share their knowledge about leveraging specialty skills. Maria Cirino, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of .406 Ventures, a venture capital firm, shares her experiences on how boards hire new members, as well as the interview process.

Module 8:

Board Inner Workings

Now that you have begun to position yourself for board duty, this module teaches you the nuances of board culture and board etiquette, both key to your future success. This module imparts day-to-day practical success factors, like how to interact with the CEO and staff, understanding expectations of you as a new director, and effective board communication styles. You’ll also get to hear many of our contributors share their stories of getting their first board seat.

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Exclusive offer for Millennium Alliance members.

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Using the self-assessments, numerous tools, and insights from seated Board Members and C-suite executives, you will also learn how to:

  • Accelerate your readiness and maximize your credibility to get the attention of nominating and governance committees
  • Assess and optimize your board readiness, your network, and your social media presence
  • Create your Board CV, Board Bio, Personal Value Statement, and Pitch
  • Create a personal road map and chart your course to your first board seat

Partner at Seyfarth Shaw

Commercial Litigation and Global Privacy & Security practice. Tracee represents clients in complex business and commercial disputes. Active in the New York State Bar Association’s Committee on Technology in the Law and its subcommittee on Artificial Intelligence.

Tracee E. Davis, Esq.

No previous board service required  •  No membership required  •  No travel or time off required

"BoardSuited delivers! The program gave me the depth and breadth I needed to become “board conscious” and moreover, “board confident” to get nominated and appointed to my first board seat."

~ Ruzica M., President & CEO

Module 9:

Summary & Next Steps

Now that you have learned about the inner workings of a board, how to position yourself, and how to leverage and build your professional and social networks, this module allows you to review the most critical aspects of board service, while giving you an opportunity to hear the personal journeys of many of our contributors.  Let some of the most experienced board directors in the world challenge your strategic thinking, as they share with you how they obtained their first board seat. 


•  Executive preparation for Non-Profit, Private, Corporate, and Public Boards
•  NO previous board service, membership, travel or time off required
•  Concise modules that fit into your busy lifestyle – online, anytime, anywhere access        for 6+ months
•  Learn from esteemed Board members and expert advisors from some of the biggest      companies in the world
•  Networking opportunities include online chats, facilitated webinars, Q&A with                  expert contributors and future live events

•  Executive preparation for Non-Profit,                        Private, Corporate, and Public Boards
•  NO previous board service, membership,                travel or time off required
•  Concise modules that fit into your busy                    lifestyle – online, anytime, anywhere access          for 6+ months
•  Learn from esteemed Board members and            expert advisors from some of the biggest                companies in the world
•  Networking opportunities include online                chats, facilitated webinars, Q&A with expert        contributors and future live events